Sunday, November 30, 2008

‘Country is watching’ Massachusetts insurance plan

BOSTON Little more than a year after it was passed by Massachusetts officials, the nation’s first law requiring people to have health insurance faces its biggest test: Will the remaining 375000 or so uninsured buy policies?

Insurance Advisor

Our client is currently recruiting for an Individual who has experience of working within Personal Lines, with Commercial insurance knowledge being a distinct advantage.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

health insurance

Denying health care for profit, that's what the insurance industry does. We need to keep the independent provider networks we have, the best in the world, and replace the parasitic health insurance industry.

The Joys of Full Coverage Insurance

Since I can remember, I've had extremely dry eyes. (hence the reason I wear glasses almost every day) But, we never had eye insurance growing up so I was limited to one check-up a year and glasses/contacts on a need-only basis.


Insurance in the United States generally is divided into two broad categories: life and health insurance, and property/casualty insurance, which includes auto, homeowners, commercial and workers compensation.

Personal Health Insurance - Key Reasons To Buy

If you want to take care of yourself then you need some sort of affordable insurance. You need a way to finance the health related costs that you will incur for those times when you get sick.

Disability Life Insurance You Own

Disability life insurance that you own could turn out to be one of your prized possessions. When you work for a large, well financed company, you often have access to a good benefit package.